International business

International Business

Chementors is a global company uniting the world in the field of chemical safety. Due to globalization and the GHS system behind different chemical legislations, Chementors operations are not limited to one segment or country market area.

Our home market is Finland. The European Chemical Agency authority (ECHA) is also located in Finland, thus we truly have the best resources available in close proximity. To meet the global challenge we have many partners in Europe and China, and we are constantly searching and developing new models of partnerships to accomplish our mission – to be a global service provider and advocator of chemical and environmental safety.

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Chementors offers services on a turnkey basis. We can take care of the whole process from scratch or just parts of them, according to your preferences. We do everything possible to assist you to meet different increasingly demanding challenges regarding chemical and environmental safety. We can handle everything considering these matters and you can use all your time and energy to focus on your own productive business.

Export to EU

From EU to China


Our business is considered having a high value for international trade of Finland and the EU markets. As an indication of significance we are enjoying funding from European Union program. The aim of the project is to develop Chementors Oy´s service concept and potential for offering services related to new EU regulations.