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Safety data sheets

The REACH regulation requires chemical manufacturers, importers, blenders and traders to deliver up to date safety data sheets (SDS). SDS’s must be compiled according to the detailed requirements for the content and format given in the regulation.

Safety data sheet is a legal document and the supplier of the product is responsible for the contents of the SDS. SDS’s must be delivered free of charge in the official languages of the receiving country at the latest the day the product is delivered to the customer. Having the SDS’s available on a website does not fulfill the requirements of REACH Regulation.

REACH Regulation determines the content of the SDS, but CLP Regulation states the classification of the product, as well as the labelling. See more on SDS and CLP Regulation and REACH Regulation.

Example of an SDS


The contents of the warning label are precisely set in the CLP regulation. The label must show all the relevant information about the hazards of the product as well as the safe use of it. Labelling needs to be in line with the labelling given in the SDS. Transition to the CLP classification in labelling is quite a large project, since it involves not only labels, but SDS’s as well.

Example of a CLP label

Exposure scenarios

In connection with registering the substances, manufacturers and EU importers are required to compile exposure scenarios for determining the safe use of the substance. Exposure scenarios are to be delivered with the safety data sheet. The downstream user is to include the suitable sections of the received exposure scenarios in their own safety data sheet to inform their customers on safe and approved use of the chemical.

Our services

Chementors offers professional service on

  • compiling safety data sheets
  • compiling warning labels
  • SDS and label translations: we are able to provide SDS’s and labels in all EU languages, and also, for example, in Norwegian, Croatian and Russian languages
  • submitting chemical notifications to Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes, Finnish markets)
  • making REACH notifications to the European Chemicals Agency ECHA
  • the interpretation and application of the exposure scenarios

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Create your own SDS’s and labels

Easy-to-use programDoes your company need to compile a lot of safety data sheets, but you lack a suitable easy-to-use program?

We offer you Chemeter, a program which calculates the classifications automatically. No longer slow manual data entry and calculations by hand! Chemeter provides your company with huge savings on working hours as well as on professional consultant costs.


The biggest advantages of Chemeter compared to existing SDS programs:

  • The program calculates the classifications automatically – just add the substances and their concentrations
  • You can make safety data sheets at least twice as fast as before
  • You do not have to be an expert – the required legislation is embedded in the program

Information on Chemeter

If you are interested in Chemeter, our specialists will be happy to demonstrate the properties of the program for you. Contact us and ask for an offer!

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