“As we met Chementors Ltd the first time at in-cosmetics Bangkok 2015,  we knew that we would have to make a full EU REACH registration for our cosmetic raw materials which we export to Europe and would need a lot of help to get it done.

During the later several discussions we received valuable information about the REACH registration process, timelines and costs. In May 2016 we made an agreement for two full REACH registrations and Only Representative service with Chementors.

Every time we had any questions or comments we got a fast professional replies and answers for our problems, whatever time of the day.

Chementors has handled all various stages of the registration and not only that but also struggled to save our money by contacting the authorities and relevant parties in registration. We are now in good phase with the process, getting the registration done on time, and focusing on product manufacturing and sales. Chementors handles everything about registrations.  –

Liang Huan Bin, Hock Chemie, China”


”As we came up with the thought to open EU markets with our cosmetic products we realized that requirements by European regulations would be strict and complicated. Without special consultancy the mission would have been impossible. We contacted Chementors Ltd and ever since our cooperation has been efficient and profitable. We have launched a variety of cosmetic products in Europe and under process doing more. Chementors is covering all regulatory issues for us and also acting as our Responsible Person in Europe. Responsible Person service is valuable and mandatory for us since we do not have any establishment in Europe. Being dynamic and customer caring company we have been really lucky to find Chementors as our partner. – Sanjeev Bhatt – Radico, India ”




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