Export to EU

Export to EU

Companies exporting chemical products to the European Union meet increasingly high challenges. EU regulations apply to chemicals, cosmetics and biocides; for example detergent and disinfectant products, plant protection products, cosmetics, raw materials, paints etc.

New regulations combined with the more demanding and aggressive EU authorities make entering the EU markets challenging. Such regulations present market entry barriers to trading within Europe. We at Chementors can help you over­come these barriers.

Currently REACH regulation concerns substances exported to the EU at 100 ton or more per year, and by 2018 the registration is extended to include the exportation of one ton or more per year. These time periods apply also to the substances imported within mixtures.

Within a few years from now, all unauthorized exportation of biocide active substances will be banned, and following that all unauthorized biocidal products (mixtures) will be banned too.

All cosmetic products launched or sold in the EU market must be assessed for safety and hazards by an accredited safety advisor.

Export to EU

Chementors offer solutions to this demanding challenge and we provide the gateway/open the doors for market entry into the EU chemical markets. We can offer all the expertise and networks necessary to comply with all possible requirements to help your business. We take care of the practical issues to obtain an official authorization for market introduction. We have highly qualified experts with official authorization to carry out all the tasks, since our staff is trained extremely well and have the know-how and years of experience handling these issues.

Furthermore, the driving force in implementing these regulations, European Chemical Agency (ECHA) is also located in Finland, so we really do have the best people available very close to us.

We take care of everything considering these issues and you can use all your time and energy on focusing on your own productive business. In addition to helping you with the tasks, we can also train companies in China to comply with the requirements.