From EU to China

Chementors provides a full range of services for the China chemical markets!

From EU to China

Are you interested in the huge potential which Asia/China may offer but you do not know how to comply with all the difficult registration processes required?

We are able to ease and facilitate your entry into the Asian/Chinese market by acting as your local European partner. We can handle all complicated processes required for market entry in the field of chemical safety.

We can handle regulatory issues on your behalf and open the doors for you to market opportunities.

For example, we can undertake the following registrations either totally or partially:

  • REACH (China) – IECSC Registration
  • Cosmetics Registration to China FDA,
  • Food contact material Registration (GB9685)
  • several other Registrations, for example;
    • Registration of Hazardous Chemicals to NRCC-SAWS.
    • Registration of Toxic Chemicals for import and export.
    • Registration of the import and export of Ozone Depleting Substance.
    • Registration of Environment Microbe Microbial Inoculum.

Chementors is a global service provider and advocator of chemical safety with presence also in Asia/China.

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