Partnership with Chementors?

Chementors is a global service provider of environmental and chemical safety. To accomplish this mission we are searching for partners on an international scale.

We are able to offer our partners the best know-­how concerning chemical safety issues in Europe, including all services listed in our website links. Thus, we open the doors for many new opportunities in Europe. We can also service the Asian/Chinese markets with our appointed global partners.

The type of partner sought could include any (or all of) the following:

  • a similar chemical safety consulting company to Chementors
  • a network of companies which may require further assistance or resources particularly in relation to EU markets
    • they may do marketing together already as a network
  • a law firm or associated company
    • particularly law companies which are consulting on environmental issues or chemical regulations
  • an appropriate chemical related industry association
    • a generalist or specialist chemical industry trade association
    • a disinfectant type of trade association
    • a cleaning utilities industry type association
  • an overseas trading company which assists companies to enter the European markets
  • importers

Our partner could be one of above – or all of above. There could be several Chementors partners appointed in the same country market area operating in different fields

Please contact us and let’s plan a safer world together!