Environmental permits

Our service in a nutshell

Environmental permitsWe build comprehensive customer relationships and take care of our customers every step of the way. Environmental permits are one of our services. We can serve you as follows regarding the environmental permits:

  • assessments regarding the need for environmental permit
  • compiling an environmental permit application
  • updating the environmental permits
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • preparation of environmental reports

Environmental permit

Environmental permit is granted by an environmental authority, and it is needed for all activities that can cause environmental pollution hazard. License requirements are based on the Environmental Protection Act (YSL 86/2000) and the Environmental Protection Regulation (YSA 169/2000). Completely new activities and essential changes always need a permit. Activities may not commence before authorisation is granted.

The Environmental Protection Act and the Regulation as well as the Water Act define the circumstances in which the permit is required. Activities that require environmental permit are listed in the list of facilities in the Environmental Protection Regulation (§ 1). Water Act includes a list of projects for which permission is always sought. Both laws say that a permit may be required for a project that is not mentioned in law or regulation, but has negative environmental impacts. (YSL 28, 29, 78§; YSA 1, 3 §, VesiL Chapter 2) The operator may require permits for the activities based on other above-mentioned laws.

If the license requirement is uncertain, it is advisable to contact us at Chementors, and make an inquiry about the matter. We work in cooperation with ELY centres (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment), and municipal environmental authorities. Environmental permit gives regulations for issues such as emission limits and monitoring and reporting. Activities are always monitored for the entire life cycle.

Licensing authorities and consideration

The licensing authority is generally Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI). The municipal environmental authority, however, grants the permits for which the grant is not specifically handled at state environmental authorities.

Deciding upon authorisation, the compliance of operational requirements of the Act and Regulation is assessed. Environmental permits are granted only under the condition that a health hazard, a significant pollution of the environment (soil, groundwater, marine), degradation of specific natural conditions, or water supply, or other important public access is not presented. Activities may also not result in an undue burden to neighbours (usually noise).

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a broader process connected with the environmental permit application. The EIA is required in connection with the design of various projects, when they pose a significant environmental impact. Impact assessment report is submitted to the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY), which makes the decision about the approval based on it, and then monitors its execution.

The permit holder responsibilities and obligations

Primarily the responsibility is with the operator. The operator is usually required to take a regulatory insurance for environmental damage. Permit holder might also be responsible for the investigations and cleaning up the contaminated soil and groundwater. In many cases, the operator is required to monitor and maintain a pre-defined levels of emissions and noise. Granting the permit may be subject to the payment, which is refunded only after all the required steps are done successfully at the end of the business (for example, built a new sewer systems, paved yard, contaminated land is cleaned, etc.) By these means, it is ensured that the environment is restored as close as possible to their original condition when the business end at the location.

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