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Corporate and Chemicals: What should I know?

Corporate and Chemicals, what should I knowWhat legal requirements have been set for companies regarding the use of chemicals? What about the storage or transport? What permits do I need? Where to get the permits? What documentation does the company need? What authority monitors what functions?

The list is long.

Many companies have skilled staff, but as the laws and other requirements change at an accelerated pace, it is challenging for a single expert to try to keep up with the pace.

We at Chementors are aware of this. If you are just starting in your company with chemical matters management is just beginning, and you would like to have information about surviving the jungle of the laws, we will be happy to help you. Or, if you are already in a very good shape with your chemicals and have know-how and resources, but you would like to check for updates or clarify some issues, get help from us then also.

We can go through your chemical issues together from A to Z and make sure that all required by law and recommended by the authorities, is okay in your company. Together we can also specify details with respect of safety data sheet and warning label requirements as well as other documents such as permit applications.

Please contact us, so we can discuss further. There is no need to be overwhelmed with chemical issues.

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